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Senior Leadership Team

 Name  Main Responsibility

 Mr Coates

Miss Lumb Assistant Principal
Miss Bevan Assistant Principal


Teaching staff in the Early Years Foundation Stage

 Name  Year Group  Main Responsibility
 Mrs Thornton / Miss Tate  Reception - Carle

Teacher/EYFS learning development

 Miss Inman / MissTate

 Reception - Murphy  Teacher/EYFS learning development


Teaching staff

 Name  Year Group  Main Responsibility

Miss Webster

Y1 - Seuss

Teacher / RE subject champion

Mrs Earles /

Mrs Shepherd

Y1 - Waddell 

Teacher / PSHE subject champion

Miss Oyston

Y2 - Donaldson Teacher / PE subject champion

Miss Bevan / Mrs Szewczyk

Y2 - Dahl

Assistant Priniciple / maths leader / phonics leader

Teacher / D&T subject champion and art subject champion

Miss Lumb / Mrs Beaumont 

Y3/4 - Kinney

Assistant Priniciple / curriculum leader 

Miss Morris

Y3/4 - Cowell

Mr Sykes

Y3/4 - Pichon

 Mrs McBride

Y5/6 - Rowling

Teacher / English leader / Reading Champion
Mr Baseford

Y5/6 - Horowitz

Teacher / Science leader / Active learning, PSHE, well-being leader
Miss Conyers

Y5/6 - Williams

Teacher / SENDCO / Computing subject champion


PPA/Support Teachers

 Name  Year Group  Main Responsibilities

 Mrs Kaye-Wyatt

 All  MFL subject champion for French, PPA cover teacher

Support Staff

Name  Main Responsibilities
Mrs J Muncaster   Office manager 
Mrs K Wright  Business Support Officer
 Mrs M Grist SEN Assistant
Mrs G Meachen  HLTA
Mrs S Plimley Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Mosley Nursery Nurse
 Mrs S Kershaw Nursery Nurse
 Mrs L Sarsfield  Nursery Nurse
 Mrs E Ellis  Nursery Nurse
 Mrs D Gratino   ETA - SEN
Mrs A Browning ETA
Mrs R Hughes  ETA
Miss G Barraclough ETA - SEN
Mrs E Southwell ETA - SEN
Mrs J Harrison  ETA
Mrs R Carnley  ETA, Cover Supervisor, Intervention Support
 Mrs M Hanson ETA
Mrs K Clark ETA, Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Shuttleworth   ETA, Cover Supervisor 
Mrs K Beaumont ETA
Mr A Mills Site Manager
 Mr F Healy  Cook in Charge
 Mrs C Tuck Lunchtime Supervisor in Charge
Mrs F Wallace LTSA
Mrs J Haigh LTSA
Mrs T Alford LTSA
Mrs D King LTSA
Mrs J Benn LTSA
Mrs J Hinchcliffe LTSA
Mrs D Cochrane LTSA
Mrs J Walker LTSA


ETA - Educational Teaching Assistant

HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

LTSA = Lunch time support assistant

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