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Active, Community, Engaged

Kirkheaton School Vision

Kirkheaton: A place for children to become active members of their community; engaged in all aspects of life.

At Kirkheaton we aim for all children to feel safe, valued and trusted; enabling them to reach new heights in all that they do.

Our curriculum is built around the core principles of Active, Engaging and Community. 


We firmly believe that pupils should be active in all aspects of their lives. They can be active in their body; their mind and in their community. We encourage pupils to take part in active lessons, as we know that this helps to embed learning. We promote children being active members of the community and citizens ready to contribute to their surroundings.


We want children to be engaged in their curriculum, We have adapted the curriculum to make sure it reflects their own culture, as well as immersing them in others. We aim for children to enjoy their learning, so that they become lifelong lovers of learning. And we want them to be engaged in their own wellbeing; and the wellbeing of their community.


Our final aim is that our children are members of their community: from the class community, to the school, to Kirkheaton Village; to Huddersfield and the world. We want children to realise that they can make a big difference and that by being good citizens they can make this difference. 

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