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Being an historian:

We find clues from the past.  We are fascinated by the stories from the past.  We research using artefacts, photographs, non-fiction books and the internet.  We form opinions about what has happened and find out what impact the past has had on our world today.  We develop a sense of chronology and know how events linked to one another.  We pose questions about the past and seek answers.  We communicate our understanding using essay, diagrams, stories and pictures.  We love finding out about the past!

Useful links for History:

Click here to read the National Curriculum for History:  National curriculum in England: history programmes of study - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Click here for the website of the History Association:  Primary / Historical Association (history.org.uk)


Click here for a link to the website for National Geographic kids:  History Primary Resources | National Geographic Kids (natgeokids.com)


Click here to find useful videos for primary history:  History Resources For Primary Schools | ClickView


Click here to find more websites about Huddersfield history:  Links - Huddersfield Exposed: Exploring the History of the Huddersfield Area


Click here for the Huddersfield local History website:  Huddersfield Local History Society (huddersfieldhistory.org.uk)


Click here for the Kirkheaton community website history pages:  History | Yetton Together - The Kirkheaton Community Website




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