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Being a spiritual thinker:

We explore the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views.   We respect that everyone is different and we celebrate this.  We are inclusive, empathetic and we are empowered to learn from each other. We think about how we respectfully respond to others and the world around us. We understand that not everyone feels the same as us and we are taught to see other people`s points of view. We reflect on our own beliefs, values and we relate our learning to our own experiences. We develop critical and reflective skills that help us to discover our own journey of purpose and meaning. We explore the commonality and diversity of world faiths and beliefs. We are curious - we ask questions of ourselves and of others. We create community links and we are building a cohesive society.   We love learning about the different religions, beliefs and world views!

Pictures of our learning

In Year 1/2, we have been learning all about welcoming new life.  Revd Ian Jones and Revd Emma Walters from Kirkheaton Parish Chuch visited our class to tell us all about how Christians baptize babies to welcome them into the Church. 


Year 5/6 visited Kirkheaton Methodist Church  before Easter where Minister Sue Pegg told us all about what Christians believe about Jesus' death and resurrection. They listened to the Easter story and discussed why the cross is symbolic in the church. The children decorated a cross and had fun taking part in an egg rolling competition.

Year 1/2 also enjoyed their visit to Kirkheaton Methodist Church where they learnt about which books and stories are special to Christians.  They made a sheep after Minister Sue Pegg read the children the story of the 'Lost Sheep'. 

When 3/4 visited Kirkheaton Methodist Church, they explored what it means to belong to a Church for Christians. Rev. Sue Pegg showed the children how babies are christened and the reasons why parents choose to do this. They explored at the different features of the church and their purpose. Finally, they created a display of people celebrating that we are all part of God's Family.

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Progression map

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